Divaly Recommends!

Everyone is on holiday, or at least is still in the holiday mood. And you know what means? A relaxed calm mind, indulging in whatever makes you happy, for us that’s food, pampering and how can we forget SHOPPING!!! This month, we wanted to share some of the cool things we’ve found and would love for you to try!

1. Highliner Gel Eye Crayon – Marc Jacobs
This has been one of my newest finds and I absolutely love this!!! I’ve been using my Maybelline pencil for the longest time and wanted to try something new. I came across this eye-pencil at Sephora. I’ve never used the Marc Jacobs beauty line before, other than for shoes. It’s really soft and easy to glide on. It doesn’t make my eye water and it stays on for quite long. I first bought the black, which is dark and pigmented and olive as it looks great with my brown eyes (it also stands out with hazel and green eyes). I now have the sapphire blue and silver, which I’m yet to use but they looked lovely! Girls, I really think you should give this a try, perfect for your smoky eyes!


2. Pure Melt Cleansing Gel – Clarins
This is a pretty cool cleanser. It starts out as a gel that clings on to impurities and make-up, it then melts into a cleansing oil with the skin’s body heat. Only once you splash your face with water it turns into a gentle cleansing milk. Please remember you need to use this on dry skin, I made the mistake once of using it in the shower and it turned into the cleansing milk. This is really great for travel as it serves as a multi-purpose product. This product is suitable for all skin types and leaves your skin deeply cleansed, soft and soothed!


3. Hangover Primer – Too Faced
This is like a refreshing cool drink but for your face! Whether its long work days at work or late nights. This primer is your cure, it hydrates, smoothens and brightens your skin for a healthy finish. It is also really light and comes in a tube with a pump which is again great to carry on for travel.


We hope you enjoyed our new finds and tell us your favourites this summer!

July Wish List

This month’s wishlist is a bit early. We have some lovely treats for Eid at some amazing prices, thanks to sales still being on.

1. Prerto Earrings
These earrings are absolutely gorgeous. They would jazz up a pair of jeans or complement a Lehenga perfectly. These would come in handy not just at Eid, but at an iftar party as well. The site has some variations of these earrings so grab a pair while they are in stock.


2. Astha Narang Lehenga
The threadwork on this Lehenga is exquisite. The Lehenga is also in an amazing colour so can be worn all seasons. It can easily be worn at a wedding without any fear of upstaging the bride. Now if only we had an excuse to grab one ourselves…


3. Christian Louboutin pumps
The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is why this list has some element of red to all our picks. For us, the most iconic red is the Louboutin sole. This pair is a wardrobe staple.


4. Fendi 2jours tote
The house of Fendi always had the baguette as an iconic bag. The 2jours tote is on its way to the hall of fame. We love the combination of colours and how the turquoise interior looks against the red. The best part is its at a 30% discount.


5. Ruby and Diamond ring
What’s a celebration without bling? This Blue Nile ruby and Diamond ring is breath taking. It’s perfect as an engagement ring or as a complement to your ethnic outfit. Either way its definitely heirloom material.


So what are you waiting for? Get you Eid wardrobe all set and happy celebrating.

Divaly Recommends – Top 10 Travel Essentials

“In the summertime, when the weather is high….”, well thats me getting my jam on for the holiday season.

Summer is here, we’re all gearing up to our holidays and taking that much needed break. Planning a holiday can be quite daunting, what can be worse is the packing!! You always feel you have everything ticked off your checklist until you suddenly remember ALL the things you forgot to include – this happens to me everytime.

I know us girls, like to carry our own products whether cosmetics, creams, lotions, etc. The biggest problem though is how much extra weight and bulk it ends up taking and that’s one thing that really bothers me!!! Why waste precious space when you need it for all that shopping you plan to do?

We’re sharing a couple of our space-saving, essential products that you need to have in your bag this holiday !

1. Take-Off Essentials Set – Clarins

Clarins Take Off Essentials

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a self-confessed Clarins girl and am very particular with what products I use on my skin. This set is absolutely perfect as it has all the right products to keep you covered throughout your trip. I usually pick this up at the airport, it has a facial cleanser, hydraquench cream, beauty flash balm, hand cream, body lotion and eye gel. I think the only thing missing is probably a face wash but it has the rest covered. You don’t need to limit yourself to Clarins, airports usually stock most of your favourite brands and they are a tad bit cheaper there.

2. Frequent Flyer Set – Sephora


If you are going on a shorter trip and don’t want to buy new/extra products to carry along. These are a set of jars for your liquids and creams. Right from having a tube for serums, shampoo, etc to the jar for creams. These sleek containers will be perfect to carry all your favourite products. They also have a deluxe set which has even more bottles and jars!

3. All for One : Full Magnetic Travel Brush Set – Sephora


Another nightmare I have is carrying all my huge brushes to fit into my makeup pouch.  This set allows you to switch and combine brush options and are the ultimate space-saving set. This set contains a powder, angled, foundation, angled shadow and brow brush along with a pouch. I currently have a travel size brush set from M.A.C but hope to get my hands on this one soon!

4. Star Bronzer Bronzing Brush – Lancome


You cannot say summer without talking bronzer! This a perfect carry on and space saving idea, saving you the hassle of carrying your brush and powder separately. This all-in-one product releases powder onto its brush at the press of a button. It gives you a natural-looking, shimmering, bronze glow, head to toe and is for all skin tones.

P.S – I am using something similar from Lancome – Tropiques Minerale ( I think it is possibly discontinued but has the same effect, a natural sun-kissed tan not looking too cakey or loud). You also get similar versions at The Body Shop.

5. Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm – Clinique


I love carrying these on holiday! You don’t need to carry extra lipsticks and a separate lip balm. These are super-nourishing and is loaded with mango and shea butters. They are not sticky and leave just the right sheen. From pinks to browns. They have over 16 shades to choose from. They are great for a touch up and always make sure you look great! My personal favourites are Mega melon, Woppin Watermelon and Super strawberry!

6. Real Nature Mask Sheet – The Face Shop


With all that travelling, sight seeing, who really has time to go for a facial or make a pack of your regular mask? These face mask sheets are great to carry and use for whether you’re looking for hydration or oil control. They have a wide variety to choose from. I frequently use the aloe vera sheet for hydration. Use this face mask sheet for a quick fix while sneaking in a power nap too – sorted!!

7. Herb Tea Body Wash – The Face Shop


I found this at checkout while I was buying from products for last my trip. I always hate carrying or buying new body wash because I end up wasting the product. I carried a few of these tubes for my trip and saved me a lot of hassle. They also have shampoo, conditioner, wash, etc. Worth checking out!

8. In- Flight Refreshing Facial Mist – Kiehl’s


Long hours of travel, especially on board can leave your skin dehydrated and irritable. This cooling spray instantly hydrates your skin and has a very refreshing and calming aroma. They have other products in this line as well, i.e. moisturizer, lip balm and hand cream which would be great to try out as well.

9. Instant Nail Polish Remover – Sephora


Chipped nails can be quite a bummer when you’re on holiday. We have recommended this before and we can’t help recommending it again. Its convenient size is perfect for on the go, especially for travel since it doesn’t require any cotton pads. You can now have fresh, clean nails anytime !!

10. Deodorant Wipes – Sephora


We’ve recommended this product before as well but what can I say I really find this convenient! This is a perfect alternative to bulky deodorants or roll on bottles. These are perfect to slip into your bag while travelling, either for when you’re on flight or sightseeing. Ideal for cleaning and refreshing and ensures that sweat doesn’t spoil your day!! They even have a really small deodorant spray as well if you aren’t yet comfortable with using deodorant wipes.

We hope you’ve found this list handy and give them a try. They really are useful. Tell us which ones you plan to try and what you recommend for us to try?

Happy holidays girls !! 🙂

June wishlist

Summer is officially here!! With days so warm that only the beach can help, there’s no reason to hold back on some treats for all the hard work into getting beach ready. The sales actually make the treats a bit ‘healthy’.

1. Pandora Moonstone earrings
One can never go wrong with a pair of birthstone earrings. Pandora has these gorgeous studs which go perfectly with any outfit.cd682e51891476c894da7269bc83bf9a
2. Jimmy Choo sandals
Net a porter’s annual sale is amazing. There’s just one problem. It comes between our birthdays and we can’t quite justify going crazy. But with comfy Jimmy Choos for a ridiculous discount, we are almost at the checkout page.496877_e1_xl
3. Alexander Wang dress
This Alexander Wang dress is amazingly versatile and chic. It screams retro workout outfit, but reminds us of Michelle Obama. Get your hands on it before it sells out.


4. Payal Singhal Lehenga
This Lehenga is perfect for a summer wedding whether you are the bride or just attending. It’s dreamy and you can pair away the lace crop top with a pair of high waisted trousers for an absolutely amazing evening look.


5. Gucci bamboo tote
The Gucci semi annual sale is actually very good. They have iconic bags on sale at almost 50% off. My pick would be the bamboo tote. There’s even a cheery yellow version at a heavy discount.


So what are you waiting for? Happy sale shopping 🙂

Happy Birthday Aly :)

Happy birthday Aly!! Every year I hunt for the perfect gift for my partner in crime and this month’s treats are all things I would buy Aly for her special day.

1. ZARIIN – Gold plated blue and green bead mesh hoops earrings


These earrings are oh so chic and within complete any outfit in a heartbeat. Aly loves accesorising and these earrings would fit in perfectly in her closet.

2. TURQUOISE & GOLD – Persian green crossback maxi dress


I’ll let you in on a secret. Every year Aly plans her birthday outfit. This is my pick for this year.

3. Valentino –  Rockstud 100 t-bar heeled sandals


I have known Al to go weak in the knees for bags and watches, but these are the only shoes I have seen her crave.

4. Roberto Cavalli – ‘Pearls Mask’ Necklace


The two of us love a lot of accessories. I use my bags and shoes and Aly uses her jewellery and watches. I think this necklace while out of her comfort zone would add the right amount of oomph to a night out outfit.

5. Neverfull MM

louis-vuitton-neverfull-mm-epi-handbags--M40952_PM2_Front view

And finally.. Her Achilles heel is anything from Louis Vuitton. Tote bags are the lady’s style and this Neverful in green epi leather is absolute perfection.

Happy Birthday Aly!!! I hope you have everything on this list and any list this birthday and always!! Xoxo

Divaly Recommends – Summer Must Haves!

Summer’s here with a bang and it’s leaving us feeling hot hot hot!!! Since we’re girls on the go, Vasudha and I always believe in one thing – which is being prepared!! So we’re going to share some of our summer must haves, which are great to carry with you!
1. Clarins – UV Plus HP SPF40 Day Screen
The most important product you need to have with you this summer *drumroll please* is SUNSCREEN!!! I cannot tell you how important it is. I have tried many different brands and this by far is the best that I’ve come across – it’s light, not oily, gives you a matte and natural finish. A little goes a long way, just a drop or two with your moisturizer and then your regular make-up routine. I especially love that It doesn’t have a cakey white layer that some sunscreens have. You don’t need to necessarily buy Clarins, find a brand that works for you and your skintone but never ever leave the house without sunscreen. Depending on where you live and how much you will be in the sun, use anywhere from SPF 15 – 50 but don’t forget to include this! It will save you from pigmentation, spotting and damaging your skin!
2. Boots – Cucumber Cleansing Wipes
Another staple product that’s always with me, if you’re out in the sun a lot and feel like you need to cleanse up, these definitely work for me and are light on the skin.  These cool cucumber wipes refresh me everytime. They are also a cheap, gentle yet effective way to remove your make up. These are great to keep in your bag and perfect for travel.
images (3)
3. Fa Eau De Cologne Body Splash
Most of us remember using Fa deodorant while growing up. I used to love the Caribbean Lime and Aqua. They have now come up with a body splash, which is perfect for some respite in this heat!! They come in different scents – these are especially great after a shower to freshen up or to keep in your bag for a little freshening up!
4. Sephora – Express Deodorant Wipes
Don’t you always hate to carry a bulky deodorant or roll on bottle in your bag? It takes SO much space and can sometimes be a mess! I’ve found an awesome alternative  – deodorant wipes! These are perfect to slip into your bag. Ideal for cleaning and refreshing and ensures that sweat doesn’t spoil your day!!
Do try these products and let us know what you think. What products would you recommend we try out?  Stay tuned for our travel favourites :)!
As always, happy shopping girls !!

An Excuse to Shop

Has anyone asked you why you splurged on a bag or a pair of shoes? Or asked you to justify that outfit you bought for your next night out? We certainly have. And we have justified ourselves time and again. To answer those questions once and for all and to give you the perfect list of excuses, we have compiled a list of our top excuses.

1. Quality is expensive
Let’s face it, in today’s time of wear and throw fashion from H&M, Zara and Forever 21, we have forgotten to cherish that one special purchase. We have forgotten how long a good bag lasts and how timeless the classic bags are. You cannot dispute how comfortable a pair of Louboutins are when compared to a pair from Dorothy Perkins.


2. Inflation
Everything has gone up in price. That includes milk and bread. So how then does someone expect you to lust after a bag and save up only for it to go up in price and now you have to spend hundreds of pounds more than you initially planned on. It hurts your head, your heart and your wallet. But the questions that follow are just annoying.

inflation3. Resale value
I have a Mulberry bag that I use every day. The prices at outlet shops have doubled. So if I sell it now I actually would make 100£ on it after having used it extensively for more than 4 years. Now ask your interrogator to name one item they have used for more than a 1000 days and can still be sold for at least a 20% profit?


4. The Feel-Good factor
It is a proven fact that shopping and exercise uplift your mood. It has also been proven that buying something timeless and invaluable to you can put you in the right frame of mind for not just hours, but weeks. And the feeling and happiness flood through each time you use the item as well. Apart from wine, I don’t think there is anything else that can have the same effect! Exercise just hurts your muscles after a point as well doesn’t it?
Shopping hobby
5. The Impression
You could be wearing an outfit from the sale rack at Primark, but carrying an expensive accessory makes everyone around you think your outfit is worth a whole lot of moolah more. Your interrogator will be the last one to deny that they live on the opinions of others and will walk away rather than waiting to find out what you think of them.
6. Everyone has an Expensive Hobby
Some people buy watches, others buy jewellery, there are still others who buy nice cars or fine wine – we buy bags and shoes. That’s our thing. I am sure if you look at your interrogator and ask them about those sparkly diamond earrings, they will read this list right back to you.
7. The Feeling of Belonging to an Exclusive Club
While there are expensive bags and shoes in almost all prices ranges, they are still not cheap as chips. The prices for some bags and shoes are still high enough to prevent everyone from owning one and making the product mass market. So the chances of seeing another person with the same accessory as you down to colour and material is highly unlikely (unless of course you live in a really really nice area).
Secret Club
8. Because it’s your Money
You work hard to earn your rmoney and you make sure your bills and rent are paid. So why should anyone bother about what you do with the remaining moolah in your account? How is it their business anyway? You haven’t asked them for their retirement plans and size of their pension pots so it isn’t their business to worry about your spending habits now, is it?
My Money
What are your top reasons for splurging? We would love to add to our list 🙂

April Payday Treats

Spring has set in and it is almost that time of year when we can start wearing white, but it isn’t considered acceptable (not till Memorial Day at least). Our picks for this month’s pay day treats and splurges have a distinct shine to them – bidding goodbye to dull and dreary winters with some sparkle.
1. This dress is infinitely versatile. It can fit seamlessly into your work wardrobe and add a statement necklace and shoes and you have a gorgeous party ready outfit. At this price point, it is also a steal
Michael Kors
        Michael Kors
2. There’s something about sparkly things in a little blue box – it makes the heart flutter and brightens up your day instantly. If your other half doesn’t get the message, this Elsa Peretti ring is is perfect to go out and spoil yourself with.
Elsa Peretti
                            Elsa Peretti
3. Silver, shimmery, shiny, sparkly things make us feel like princesses. This dress is not too tweensy and not too grown up. It is perfect for a night out or a special dinner and motivation to follow those summer diet tips all at the same time 🙂
Varun Bahl
        Varun Bahl
4.We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t advise you to invest your money now would we? This McQueen clutch is a timeless piece. The iconic skull from the House of McQueen isn’t going anywhere and this clutch is enough to glam up any outfit in a heartbeat
Alexander McQueen
            Alexander McQueen
5. There is a reason Cinderella is lucky. No forget about the prince, I’m talking about the shoes. These gorgeous, to die for, will rob a bank for shoes are what the wildest shoe fantasy dreams are made of.
Jimmy Choo
                          Jimmy Choo
Happy shopping!!!

Let’s get FIT!!

Summer is just around the corner and we’re all getting ready for the beach, our holidays and most importantly be swimsuit ready. Plus we’re also gearing up for the holiday season and I know most of us are trying to get fitter to enjoy the rest of the season.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay disciplined and on track all the time. So we’re sharing some of the ways that got us motivated and most importantly kept us motivated.

1. Detox Water Bottle – oGorgeous Gym Boutique

We started the new year with our detox posts i.e. the juice cleanse and fruit infused water. This is one of the best and easiest ways to help with losing those extra kilos and all by just drinking fruit flavoured water! These super cute and colourful bottles with a motivational message helps hold your fruits and vegetables in a convenient infusing compartment perfect for making detox waters! As a bonus, the website has a different recipe for each bottle so whether you want to burn fat, deal with bloating or clear out skin – this becomes very handy!

Detox Bottle

2. Blogilates – 30 day challenges

Blogilates is one website that I really love. It’s founded by Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor who runs this blog and online community. She is extremely motivating and has great ways to help you lose weight and you can do these all at home. One thing I love about her blog is her monthly challenges, these have a different focus every month so whether you need to tone your arms, thighs, abs, etc. You’ll find it here! She also has seperate monthly workouts as well. So get a friend or colleague for the ‘Sleek Arms’ April challenge and get started – it’s super fun!

Sleek Arms Challenge - April

3. Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

This was introduced to me a few years ago by a friend, and boy is this not for the faint hearted!! This 30 day shred has 3 different levels and is only about 20-25 mins each but is pretty hard core and intensive. You can do this at home and trust me will you see results!! She also has a ton of other workouts but this is a great way to get your fitness regime kick started. We’ve linked the video of level 1 to check out!

Jillian Michaels

4. Fit Girl’s Guide

This is one of the most awesome online communities I’ve come across. It is the girly girl’s guide to getting fit! It’s so great because girls from all over the world jump in, possibly with their significant others and really encourage and help each other. They have come up with the perfect way to make getting fit, fun, encouraging, healthy and accessible!! They initially had only one plan, a 28 day jumpstart which is an e-book (costs USD 24.99) with a full meal and exercise plan. They now have introduced two new books. Their next challenge starts April 20th, the last challenge for the summer – perfect to kickstart the summer 🙂

Fit Girl's Guide

5. Revolution Fitness

If this still isn’t enough to get you started and you still believe you need personal help to reach your fitness goals, I would highly recommend checking out Revolution Fitness. For those of you based in Dubai, they provide excellent personal trainers, who train anytime, anywhere and tailor make fun but super effective workouts. Whether you want to train at the gym, park, beach or even your home they can help you get those fitness goals!

If group classes are more your thing, they even run Insanity classes – this is a 30 minute max interval training bodyweight workout which gets you body changing results fast!! They run these once a week in South Ridge Park, Downtown Dubai. Go check it out the first class is free!

Revolution Fitness

6. The Protein Bake Shop

With all this talk of getting fit and beach ready, we never got to the bit where we need to reward ourselves!! Who would imagine desserts to be healthy and that too filled with chocolate? And most importantly good for you too?!! For those of you in the U.A.E and India, try out these yummy treats from the Protein Bake Shop. They have a wide variety of treats from biscuits, to cakes and even mousse! I would recommend the chocolate stacks, chia & flax seed cake (which are my favourites), mint chocolate bark, etc!


7. Nike Reversible Bag

Now how can we send you off to get fit without a little bit of fashion? Check out this awesome bag to carry all your stuff! What’s awesome about this bag is that it has a reversible design and can be used for the beach and your holiday too!

Nike Bag

We hope this list has helped getting fitter for this summer oodles of fun!

Tell us which ones you liked best. Happy almost summer holidays :-)!

March Treats!

As we have given our wallets sufficient time to recover from our indulgences last month, we thought it was about time to get splashing the cash and spoiling ourselves again. We have gone blue this month with our finds.

1. Zara bag – This Zara bag is oh so chic. It is polished, cute and wearable whether you are 15 or 50. This bag is perfectly priced and will add the perfect touch of youthfulness to any outfit.

2. Rohita and Deepa earrings – You don’t need much apart from these earrings to jazz up your outfit. I thought of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada when I set my eyes on these earrings. These earrings will take your outfit from day to night quite easily and if anyone reading this is planning on buying me a present, I would like these earrings along with items 1,3,4 and 5 on this list!

3. Chamee and Palak – This anarkali by Chamee and Palak is mesmerizing. The embroidery on the back is exquisite and the way the outfit falls will help anyone twirl like a princess till the end of time


4. Giuseppe Zanotti – Cage heels are in this season. These Giuseppe Zanotti heels are cage heels gone completely wild. These are perfect for a night out on town and will make you walk tall and feel amazing in any outfit they are paired with.


5. Prada Tote – And you thought we would only suggest a bag from Zara! The Prada Saffiano Lux tote is a must have bag. So go ahead, order yours in the most gorgeous of periwinkle blues and spoil yourself this month.