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My Indian loot….

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone’s been having an awesome week so far! From what I can see there’s been some really crazy weather news over the last few days. My friends from UK sending me pictures of the snow, rain in Dubai and well, I experienced Bombay getting HOT! I just returned from my trip to India. I seem to be a bit of a nomad these days – while figuring out where my next journey takes me.

You know I’ve noticed that in the last 2.5 years while I was away from blogging,  a lot has changed. There’s mostly vlogging through Instagram and YouTube! However, I still kind of like the whole concept of writing and talking to you guys; I mean that is how we started Divaly isn’t it? I am thinking of maybe interspersing some videos and including recipes and restaurant reviews as well, to keep up with the times ;).

In this post, I thought I’d share some of the new products I picked up on this trip to India. I tried to keep my shopping to the minimum but for anyone who knows me, THAT almost seems impossible. I mean I don’t even really even need to be buying clothes or make up, it could even be like random tea bags and coffee for all I know!

Sooo I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been wanting to checkout whenever I went to India and I’ll do seperate product reviews on some of them in another post.

  1. Nykaa

I believe this is India’s answer to getting all those ‘foreign’ cosmetic products but at good prices and all under one roof! They also have their own product line, so from blushes, highlighters to lipsticks, nail shades and even shower gel! They have a pretty nice range of products with a decent price point too! I’ve been seeing their ads and products all over social media and naturally, but of course, I had to go check it out! Here’s a couple (not all) of the products I picked up.

Glow Getter – Highlighting & Illuminating Duo in Glitterati 02 & POUTPerfect in You Make Me Blush
Now this is another brand I personally hadn’t heard of until I saw an instagram post of Masaba Gupta’s (an Indian fashion designer) about the rose spray! Face and body mist sprays are great, especially when you have more hot and humid climates, really refreshes and hydrates the skin. I was advised to buy a pack of three different face sprays for a great introductory offer of Rs 625. The fragrances were lavender, mogra and rose! The brand seems to be similar to Forrest Essentials, and I am keen to explore their products more.
Face and body mist sprays – Rose, Mogra and Lavender
Now what can I say about this brand and it’s products? I absolutely love, love, loooove this brand and all they offer. I am so fascinated by their natural, exotic ingredients and all the fancy concoctions they come out with! I was good this time, I bought only one product, a head massage oil. With all my travelling, bad water and stress, my hair’s taken a little bit of a beating. I’ve been told good this about this, so hopefully it works!
Ayurvedic herb enriched head massage oil Japapatti
Since most of these products are new for me, I’m going to use and test them for a little while and then do product reviews on each! I hope you have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more!

We’re back and we missed you!

Hello, Helloo everyone!

Firstly, a Happy, happy 2018 to everyone! Guess who’s back?? Well duhhhhh, we are :)!!

We know it’s been a really, really long time since our last post. In-fact, we weren’t even sure if and when we would post again. There’s so much that has happened in the last 2.5 years, mostly personal commitments that had kept us away, BUT its safe to say that Divaly never really left us, and we never stopped talking about how we could have shared our hits and misses with everyone. We really missed celebrating our festival of fashion and more – we missed the writing, the talking and most of all getting to talk to all you guys. Well, before we get on to our usual kind of posts’, that we have at Divaly which is covering our love for fashion, beauty, food and fitness!

I wanted to give you a little update on what the both of us have been upto in the time that we were away. So starting with V, she has just been crushing it. I am so, so proud of her. In 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She’s been a total superwoman, killing it at work, home, being a mommy and if all that wasn’t enough for her to conquer; she co-started Chic Cult – a venture where they sell luxury goods at great prices! (We’ll do a separate post where we will dish out all the deets). And as for moi (Aly), in 2016, I got to go and pursue one of my life-long dreams of going to business school – I went to study Strategic Marketing at Cranfield University in the UK. In 2015, however, my dad had gone through a bout of ill health, which is why between the both of us, we had to take some time off. But, do you know the coolest thing of all? V and I, got to be 15 mins away from each other. There was no way, we would have ever imagined, that my school would be a stone’s throw away from her (just to let you know, Cranfield is in the middle of nowhere!!!!) and I couldn’t be more lucky!

I am hoping that our readers are still around and we are going to work to build that connection again. I know when we had started out, we were called the Divaly girls and had so many messages asking us why we weren’t continuing. We’re sorry we were away for so long and we are so glad to be back!

Here’s a little photo of V and I when she took me around London city….

V and I being silly!

And for those new readers, here’s the link on who we are and how we started!

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you all :)!

Lots of love,

Aly and V

An Excuse to Shop

Has anyone asked you why you splurged on a bag or a pair of shoes? Or asked you to justify that outfit you bought for your next night out? We certainly have. And we have justified ourselves time and again. To answer those questions once and for all and to give you the perfect list of excuses, we have compiled a list of our top excuses.

1. Quality is expensive
Let’s face it, in today’s time of wear and throw fashion from H&M, Zara and Forever 21, we have forgotten to cherish that one special purchase. We have forgotten how long a good bag lasts and how timeless the classic bags are. You cannot dispute how comfortable a pair of Louboutins are when compared to a pair from Dorothy Perkins.


2. Inflation
Everything has gone up in price. That includes milk and bread. So how then does someone expect you to lust after a bag and save up only for it to go up in price and now you have to spend hundreds of pounds more than you initially planned on. It hurts your head, your heart and your wallet. But the questions that follow are just annoying.

inflation3. Resale value
I have a Mulberry bag that I use every day. The prices at outlet shops have doubled. So if I sell it now I actually would make 100£ on it after having used it extensively for more than 4 years. Now ask your interrogator to name one item they have used for more than a 1000 days and can still be sold for at least a 20% profit?


4. The Feel-Good factor
It is a proven fact that shopping and exercise uplift your mood. It has also been proven that buying something timeless and invaluable to you can put you in the right frame of mind for not just hours, but weeks. And the feeling and happiness flood through each time you use the item as well. Apart from wine, I don’t think there is anything else that can have the same effect! Exercise just hurts your muscles after a point as well doesn’t it?
Shopping hobby
5. The Impression
You could be wearing an outfit from the sale rack at Primark, but carrying an expensive accessory makes everyone around you think your outfit is worth a whole lot of moolah more. Your interrogator will be the last one to deny that they live on the opinions of others and will walk away rather than waiting to find out what you think of them.
6. Everyone has an Expensive Hobby
Some people buy watches, others buy jewellery, there are still others who buy nice cars or fine wine – we buy bags and shoes. That’s our thing. I am sure if you look at your interrogator and ask them about those sparkly diamond earrings, they will read this list right back to you.
7. The Feeling of Belonging to an Exclusive Club
While there are expensive bags and shoes in almost all prices ranges, they are still not cheap as chips. The prices for some bags and shoes are still high enough to prevent everyone from owning one and making the product mass market. So the chances of seeing another person with the same accessory as you down to colour and material is highly unlikely (unless of course you live in a really really nice area).
Secret Club
8. Because it’s your Money
You work hard to earn your rmoney and you make sure your bills and rent are paid. So why should anyone bother about what you do with the remaining moolah in your account? How is it their business anyway? You haven’t asked them for their retirement plans and size of their pension pots so it isn’t their business to worry about your spending habits now, is it?
My Money
What are your top reasons for splurging? We would love to add to our list 🙂