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July Wish List

This month’s wishlist is a bit early. We have some lovely treats for Eid at some amazing prices, thanks to sales still being on.

1. Prerto Earrings
These earrings are absolutely gorgeous. They would jazz up a pair of jeans or complement a Lehenga perfectly. These would come in handy not just at Eid, but at an iftar party as well. The site has some variations of these earrings so grab a pair while they are in stock.


2. Astha Narang Lehenga
The threadwork on this Lehenga is exquisite. The Lehenga is also in an amazing colour so can be worn all seasons. It can easily be worn at a wedding without any fear of upstaging the bride. Now if only we had an excuse to grab one ourselves…


3. Christian Louboutin pumps
The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is why this list has some element of red to all our picks. For us, the most iconic red is the Louboutin sole. This pair is a wardrobe staple.


4. Fendi 2jours tote
The house of Fendi always had the baguette as an iconic bag. The 2jours tote is on its way to the hall of fame. We love the combination of colours and how the turquoise interior looks against the red. The best part is its at a 30% discount.


5. Ruby and Diamond ring
What’s a celebration without bling? This Blue Nile ruby and Diamond ring is breath taking. It’s perfect as an engagement ring or as a complement to your ethnic outfit. Either way its definitely heirloom material.


So what are you waiting for? Get you Eid wardrobe all set and happy celebrating.


Painting on Silk by Sekana Scarf

A few months ago, I visited the Ripe Food & Craft Market here in Dubai for the first time. The Ripe Market is an organic food, vegetable and crafts market which runs once a week. It has local artisans, vendors, designers, musicians, etc something that was new to me after having grown up in Dubai all these years. Believe me I was fascinated with all the different items available whether beauty products, handcrafted items, paintings, clothes, jewellery – you name it, it was there and mostly made locally. I bought some wonderful products as I could not resist myself and met some wonderful people. I promise I will do a separate post on some of the products I think  you should try out too!!

I met Svetlana Babic, a wonderful woman and artist, an artist who paints silk scarves, ponchos, greeting cards, mosaics, etc. There was one particular scarf that had caught my eye at the market and I kept going back and forth and finally decided to buy it. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love scarves and really wanted to get myself a unique one. Since then she has made two more scarves for me. We both got chatting on every visit and I told her about our blog. Svetlana has been kind enough to share her experience and knowledge of painting on silk and obliged to give us a little preview to her work.

We thought that since it is the festive season and you need some new gift ideas, do check her work out –  it is especially wonderful to gift someone, because it is unique and personal to them.

Over to you Svetlana :

I must admit that I have been fascinated with silk scarves from my early years, when my father used to bring them from abroad for my mom –  they were such wonderful colours and designs. I used every opportunity to “borrow” them from my mom, the scarves carried the scent of her perfume, everytime I put the scarf over my neck it was as if she was embracing me.
Scarves are extremely personal accessories – a scarf can tell you a lot about the personality of the person who wears it, her style, color preference.
It took me a few years to learn the different techniques of silk painting and to understand the old rule of painting on silk – when you paint on silk, you are not the master but silk is the master! It is like the silk is alive,a very capricious and unpredictable material to work with.
The techniques of silk painting are very old , you might even say ancient, it is believed to be originated in China, since China is the birth place of silk. Some believe that the earliest surviving Chinese silk paintings are dated around 165 BCE.
I am make all sorts of hand painted silk items such as scarves, ponchos, silk paintings, cosmetic bags, pillowcases, lamp shades…even greeting cards with silk screen on it.
Designs are related with what is interesting and challenging for me to try to create, that is why I can create design in accordance with personal preference of person who would like to have such silk item – personalised one, not just in terms of design itself, but at the same time in terms of preferred colour scheme or even color shades.
Please find below some of my work :
Scarves :




Pillow Cases : 

Pillow Case2

Pillow Case1

Pillow case 7

Greeting Cards :

Greeting Card

Greeting Card

Greeting Card

These are only a few of her designs, for more details and to order yours, contact Svetlana on babic.m.svetlana@gmail.com or check out her brand ‘Sekana Scarf‘ on Facebook.

Since we are all in the festive mood, she has a special giveaway just for our Divaly readers this holiday season. Stay tuned for our next post!! Happy Shopping : -)

It’s an ‘eye-catching’ affair!!

Diwali is over but the family get togethers are still on, the weather is changing and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. In continuation to our must have makeup buys this festive season, in this post we cover eyeshadows, the must have shades that will go with every look and is perfect to mix and match.

During the festive season most of our outfits have strong bold colours or are with heavy design, etc. and our make-up need not be as heavy. For this post I have chosen 3 shades that can go with any outfit :

1. Alhambra by Nars
This is a duo pack eyeshadow which I absolutely adore. This duo has a metallic rose mist and a golden champagne shade. Both soft colours, that can be used on its own or together. One for highlighting or blended in. For a greater intensity and slightly darker, use with a wet brush to give more of an effect.
2. Amber Lights by M.A.C
This is a rich, gold-shimmered coppery brown with a soft frosted finish. It looks beautiful when you want to go a little dramatic and have your eye make up stand out. I would recommend even trying it with a deep blue/sapphire eye-pencil or a dark chocolate brown instead of regular black kohl. I wouldn’t use too much of this product as it is pretty dark with one application itself!
3. Groundwork (Paint pot) by M.A.C
This is an absolute must have in everyone’s make up kit. I cannot recommend this product enough. It’s a beautiful, creamy eye shadow that can be used on it’s own, as an eye primer if you want to go for a smokey eye and can hold as a base for your powdered eye shadow and stays even longer.
images (5)
Some other products to look out for are Sumptuous Olive and Goldmine by M.A.C and shades similar to these limited edition eye shadows such as Smoke & Diamonds, Grand Entrance and Superwatt also by M.A.C
Happy Shopping everyone!! Tell us some of the products you use and we can check those out too :-)!

The final touches to the celebration !!

You need the perfect makeup to sparkle this festive season. Divaly’s recommendations will be great to use all year round but are especially good for the festive season, with Diwali coming up, Christmas, New Years and ofcourse not to forget the wedding season.

Here’s our top 3 picks for the perfect blush, lipstick and eye-shadow which complement each other for the perfect look, we will have the posts divided into 3 :


During a festive season, most of us go heavy with our make up and we put on something slightly darker and with shimmer to give it a grander look. Depending on how much you choose to put, you must have or have similar shades :

1. Gleeful, Mineralize Blush by M.A.C – This is a deep berry shade, almost wine-ish with shimmer. You need very little of this, else you may look like a clown. This will go with almost all shades of your sari, lehenga, salwaar. It stays on for a very long time and gives a pearl like shimmer.
2. Peachtwist, Sheertone Shimmer Blush by M.A.C – This is a almost a burnt peach – brownish blush, looks wonderful on tan and darker skin tones. It isn’t an overbearing colour and gives a lovely natural glow yet glamorous look. If using in the day, I would suggest to apply a lighter application. It will look especially lovely against champagne colour tones on your outfit.
3. Style, Frost Blush by M.A.C – This is a lovely softer coral blush with shimmer. It gives the skin a nice flush to the cheeks and can be worn especially if  you do not want to wear something too dark or prominent.
Well these are our top 3, but another good blush/bronzer/highlighter however you choose to use it is Gold Deposit, Mineralize Skinfinish by M.A.C – this is mainly a highlighter but its a great add to keep if you want that extra shimmer underneath your blush, you could even use it on its own if you don’t want too much and just a light subtle glow to your cheeks.
Stay tuned for the top 3 lipsticks and eyeshadows in our next post! Happy Shopping 🙂