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Divaly Recommends – Top 10 Travel Essentials

“In the summertime, when the weather is high….”, well thats me getting my jam on for the holiday season.

Summer is here, we’re all gearing up to our holidays and taking that much needed break. Planning a holiday can be quite daunting, what can be worse is the packing!! You always feel you have everything ticked off your checklist until you suddenly remember ALL the things you forgot to include – this happens to me everytime.

I know us girls, like to carry our own products whether cosmetics, creams, lotions, etc. The biggest problem though is how much extra weight and bulk it ends up taking and that’s one thing that really bothers me!!! Why waste precious space when you need it for all that shopping you plan to do?

We’re sharing a couple of our space-saving, essential products that you need to have in your bag this holiday !

1. Take-Off Essentials Set – Clarins

Clarins Take Off Essentials

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a self-confessed Clarins girl and am very particular with what products I use on my skin. This set is absolutely perfect as it has all the right products to keep you covered throughout your trip. I usually pick this up at the airport, it has a facial cleanser, hydraquench cream, beauty flash balm, hand cream, body lotion and eye gel. I think the only thing missing is probably a face wash but it has the rest covered. You don’t need to limit yourself to Clarins, airports usually stock most of your favourite brands and they are a tad bit cheaper there.

2. Frequent Flyer Set – Sephora


If you are going on a shorter trip and don’t want to buy new/extra products to carry along. These are a set of jars for your liquids and creams. Right from having a tube for serums, shampoo, etc to the jar for creams. These sleek containers will be perfect to carry all your favourite products. They also have a deluxe set which has even more bottles and jars!

3. All for One : Full Magnetic Travel Brush Set – Sephora


Another nightmare I have is carrying all my huge brushes to fit into my makeup pouch.  This set allows you to switch and combine brush options and are the ultimate space-saving set. This set contains a powder, angled, foundation, angled shadow and brow brush along with a pouch. I currently have a travel size brush set from M.A.C but hope to get my hands on this one soon!

4. Star Bronzer Bronzing Brush – Lancome


You cannot say summer without talking bronzer! This a perfect carry on and space saving idea, saving you the hassle of carrying your brush and powder separately. This all-in-one product releases powder onto its brush at the press of a button. It gives you a natural-looking, shimmering, bronze glow, head to toe and is for all skin tones.

P.S – I am using something similar from Lancome – Tropiques Minerale ( I think it is possibly discontinued but has the same effect, a natural sun-kissed tan not looking too cakey or loud). You also get similar versions at The Body Shop.

5. Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm – Clinique


I love carrying these on holiday! You don’t need to carry extra lipsticks and a separate lip balm. These are super-nourishing and is loaded with mango and shea butters. They are not sticky and leave just the right sheen. From pinks to browns. They have over 16 shades to choose from. They are great for a touch up and always make sure you look great! My personal favourites are Mega melon, Woppin Watermelon and Super strawberry!

6. Real Nature Mask Sheet – The Face Shop


With all that travelling, sight seeing, who really has time to go for a facial or make a pack of your regular mask? These face mask sheets are great to carry and use for whether you’re looking for hydration or oil control. They have a wide variety to choose from. I frequently use the aloe vera sheet for hydration. Use this face mask sheet for a quick fix while sneaking in a power nap too – sorted!!

7. Herb Tea Body Wash – The Face Shop


I found this at checkout while I was buying from products for last my trip. I always hate carrying or buying new body wash because I end up wasting the product. I carried a few of these tubes for my trip and saved me a lot of hassle. They also have shampoo, conditioner, wash, etc. Worth checking out!

8. In- Flight Refreshing Facial Mist – Kiehl’s


Long hours of travel, especially on board can leave your skin dehydrated and irritable. This cooling spray instantly hydrates your skin and has a very refreshing and calming aroma. They have other products in this line as well, i.e. moisturizer, lip balm and hand cream which would be great to try out as well.

9. Instant Nail Polish Remover – Sephora


Chipped nails can be quite a bummer when you’re on holiday. We have recommended this before and we can’t help recommending it again. Its convenient size is perfect for on the go, especially for travel since it doesn’t require any cotton pads. You can now have fresh, clean nails anytime !!

10. Deodorant Wipes – Sephora


We’ve recommended this product before as well but what can I say I really find this convenient! This is a perfect alternative to bulky deodorants or roll on bottles. These are perfect to slip into your bag while travelling, either for when you’re on flight or sightseeing. Ideal for cleaning and refreshing and ensures that sweat doesn’t spoil your day!! They even have a really small deodorant spray as well if you aren’t yet comfortable with using deodorant wipes.

We hope you’ve found this list handy and give them a try. They really are useful. Tell us which ones you plan to try and what you recommend for us to try?

Happy holidays girls !! 🙂