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July Wish List

This month’s wishlist is a bit early. We have some lovely treats for Eid at some amazing prices, thanks to sales still being on.

1. Prerto Earrings
These earrings are absolutely gorgeous. They would jazz up a pair of jeans or complement a Lehenga perfectly. These would come in handy not just at Eid, but at an iftar party as well. The site has some variations of these earrings so grab a pair while they are in stock.


2. Astha Narang Lehenga
The threadwork on this Lehenga is exquisite. The Lehenga is also in an amazing colour so can be worn all seasons. It can easily be worn at a wedding without any fear of upstaging the bride. Now if only we had an excuse to grab one ourselves…


3. Christian Louboutin pumps
The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is why this list has some element of red to all our picks. For us, the most iconic red is the Louboutin sole. This pair is a wardrobe staple.


4. Fendi 2jours tote
The house of Fendi always had the baguette as an iconic bag. The 2jours tote is on its way to the hall of fame. We love the combination of colours and how the turquoise interior looks against the red. The best part is its at a 30% discount.


5. Ruby and Diamond ring
What’s a celebration without bling? This Blue Nile ruby and Diamond ring is breath taking. It’s perfect as an engagement ring or as a complement to your ethnic outfit. Either way its definitely heirloom material.


So what are you waiting for? Get you Eid wardrobe all set and happy celebrating.


National Handbag Day!!!

It’s National Handbag Day!! This momentous day of the year was created by the folks at Purse Blog.  Aly and I thought it was a great reason to celebrate our love for bags.

We thought long and hard about the bags we absolutely want in our closets some day. Each of these bags we would cherish and remember the exact moment we got to hold one and and we have colour and leather preferences all sorted out. If only the folks who run the lottery would listen, we would be sorted!

 5. Louis Vuitton Speedy / Neverfull (anything in the iconic canvas print really)
The Speedy and Neverfull are two of the most iconic and timeless bag designs and have spawned hundreds of spin offs from all brands big and small. The monogram canvas is amazingly hardwearing and is perfect for carrying out even when the weather is horrible.The canvas print is probably one of the most copied designs and the designers at the house of LV reinvent these bags on quite a regular basis. These bags are priced at £550 for a Speedy 25 and £670 for a PM Neverfull.
Speedy - Louis Vuitton
Speedy – Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is also one of the only high fashion brands to embrace e – commerce in a big way and you can get your icon at their website – http://uk.louisvuitton.com/eng-gb/homepage
Neverful - Louis Vuitton
Neverful – Louis Vuitton
4. Fendi Baguette
This bag literally brought Fendi out of the doldrums they were in. SJP and the fabulous Sex and the City ladies ensured that this bag became one of the biggest must closet must haves all inspired by pop culture. Who can forget that Samantha actually bought herself a fake one of these?
Fendi Baguette
Fendi Baguette

Fendi today comes up with some really innovative prints and designs, making the baguette bag stay truly timeless. The starting price is around £850 and the price increases significantly based on material and design.  There is a limited selection available online at Barneys, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Selfridges, although for the choicest bags you would need to step into a boutique.

3. Lady Dior

There are few bags that make you fall in love and the Lady Dior is undoubtedly one of those bags. Created for Lady Diana, the bag is formal when it needs be, fun and quirky at times and the perfect complement to any outfit anytime. There is an absolute plethora of designs for the Lady Dior, but these are all limited edition to maintain the exclusivity of the bag. This bag is also rarely copied, so if you see someone carrying one, it is more likely than not going to be the real deal.
Lady Dior
Lady Dior
The bag comes in three sizes with prices starting at £2100 for the smallest variant in a single colour. You can buy this bag only at Dior boutiques worldwide.
2. Chanel Flap
This bag is probably the second most copied bag after the LV Speedy. If you love bags, you have definitely come across a fake version of a Chanel flap or even own one. The caviar leather that Chanel uses is some of the most hardwearing in the market place today. People have famously used their bags every day for 15 years making it amazing return on investment. Given the price increases the brand has on their goods, it most definitely is a good investment piece as well.
Chanel Flap
Chanel Flap
Prices for leather variants start at £2800. Chanel does advertise prices and variants on their website although you cannot purchase them online. The service at their boutiques is apparently amazing, so hot footing here is not really the worst of ideas.
1. Hermes Birkin
And finally the Birkin. This bag does not need any introduction. Created for iconic actress Jane Birkin, this namesake bag is every fashionista’s dream come true. Hermes allow you a wide variety of leather and colour choices, so each bag is unique to its owner.
Hermes Birkin
Hermes Birkin
These are only available at Hermes boutiques and for the rarest combinations of colour and leather there can be a long waiting time (sometimes up to 3 years). The price starts at £10,000 for a basic calf leather bag in one of their base colours and can be upwards of £120,000 for exotics.
We grappled a lot with this list and we know it doesn’t feature some icons like the Gucci Boston or Stirrup bags or the Proenza Schouler PS1 or the Balenciaga Motorcycle bags, but if we had all the money in the world, these are the five that we would buy first.
Which bag on this list do you want? Or is yours not on here? Celebrate today and leave a shout out to your favourite bag of all time.

Barbie Girl in the World

It is a common known fact that brands charge more for their leather goods to recover the cost of the of the clothing they send down the runway.

Prada’s latest collection made my jaw drop. I actually had to go back and look at the bags. I loved each and every garment on offer. The panelled suede, lace and leather trench was my absolute favourite outfit of all runways so far. It is so editorial and I can completely imagine it on the cover of Vogue.


Fendi’s Furbys made a cracking appearance. The second picture on the bottom row made me understand why Furbys are so popular – it speaks volumes about your inner attitude. I definitely won’t be dropping $700 on one though. The footwear was impeccable and much more impressive than their bags. I do like that mini bags are in and the idea of hanging a mini bag to a backpack as an easy access money wallet is easy to emulate and quite smart.


Emporio Armani’s show made my feet very happy. Amazing party dresses were paired with well thought out flats. They keep the look formal and still effortlessly chic. There are some similar pairs available on the high street now if you want to cash in on the trend sooner.

Emporio Armani
                                                      Emporio Armani

Moschino brought out the inner child in me in the effortless way that Anya Hindmarch couldn’t manage. While it is too much to take in, each individual garment would translate really well off the runway – Imagine the pink jacket with a pair of blue denims and a crisp white shirt. Or how about the exaggerate pussy bow heart print shirt with a pencil skirt and sky high black pumps? This collection would make you feel like a happy girl dressed like Barbie from within and look like a polished fashionista on the outside.


I cannot wait for another day at Milan. On an aside – how about replication come of these make up looks with the Too Faced make up sets we have up for grabs?