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My Indian loot….

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone’s been having an awesome week so far! From what I can see there’s been some really crazy weather news over the last few days. My friends from UK sending me pictures of the snow, rain in Dubai and well, I experienced Bombay getting HOT! I just returned from my trip to India. I seem to be a bit of a nomad these days – while figuring out where my next journey takes me.

You know I’ve noticed that in the last 2.5 years while I was away from blogging,  a lot has changed. There’s mostly vlogging through Instagram and YouTube! However, I still kind of like the whole concept of writing and talking to you guys; I mean that is how we started Divaly isn’t it? I am thinking of maybe interspersing some videos and including recipes and restaurant reviews as well, to keep up with the times ;).

In this post, I thought I’d share some of the new products I picked up on this trip to India. I tried to keep my shopping to the minimum but for anyone who knows me, THAT almost seems impossible. I mean I don’t even really even need to be buying clothes or make up, it could even be like random tea bags and coffee for all I know!

Sooo I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been wanting to checkout whenever I went to India and I’ll do seperate product reviews on some of them in another post.

  1. Nykaa

I believe this is India’s answer to getting all those ‘foreign’ cosmetic products but at good prices and all under one roof! They also have their own product line, so from blushes, highlighters to lipsticks, nail shades and even shower gel! They have a pretty nice range of products with a decent price point too! I’ve been seeing their ads and products all over social media and naturally, but of course, I had to go check it out! Here’s a couple (not all) of the products I picked up.

Glow Getter – Highlighting & Illuminating Duo in Glitterati 02 & POUTPerfect in You Make Me Blush
Now this is another brand I personally hadn’t heard of until I saw an instagram post of Masaba Gupta’s (an Indian fashion designer) about the rose spray! Face and body mist sprays are great, especially when you have more hot and humid climates, really refreshes and hydrates the skin. I was advised to buy a pack of three different face sprays for a great introductory offer of Rs 625. The fragrances were lavender, mogra and rose! The brand seems to be similar to Forrest Essentials, and I am keen to explore their products more.
Face and body mist sprays – Rose, Mogra and Lavender
Now what can I say about this brand and it’s products? I absolutely love, love, loooove this brand and all they offer. I am so fascinated by their natural, exotic ingredients and all the fancy concoctions they come out with! I was good this time, I bought only one product, a head massage oil. With all my travelling, bad water and stress, my hair’s taken a little bit of a beating. I’ve been told good this about this, so hopefully it works!
Ayurvedic herb enriched head massage oil Japapatti
Since most of these products are new for me, I’m going to use and test them for a little while and then do product reviews on each! I hope you have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more!

The final touches to the celebration !!

You need the perfect makeup to sparkle this festive season. Divaly’s recommendations will be great to use all year round but are especially good for the festive season, with Diwali coming up, Christmas, New Years and ofcourse not to forget the wedding season.

Here’s our top 3 picks for the perfect blush, lipstick and eye-shadow which complement each other for the perfect look, we will have the posts divided into 3 :


During a festive season, most of us go heavy with our make up and we put on something slightly darker and with shimmer to give it a grander look. Depending on how much you choose to put, you must have or have similar shades :

1. Gleeful, Mineralize Blush by M.A.C – This is a deep berry shade, almost wine-ish with shimmer. You need very little of this, else you may look like a clown. This will go with almost all shades of your sari, lehenga, salwaar. It stays on for a very long time and gives a pearl like shimmer.
2. Peachtwist, Sheertone Shimmer Blush by M.A.C – This is a almost a burnt peach – brownish blush, looks wonderful on tan and darker skin tones. It isn’t an overbearing colour and gives a lovely natural glow yet glamorous look. If using in the day, I would suggest to apply a lighter application. It will look especially lovely against champagne colour tones on your outfit.
3. Style, Frost Blush by M.A.C – This is a lovely softer coral blush with shimmer. It gives the skin a nice flush to the cheeks and can be worn especially if  you do not want to wear something too dark or prominent.
Well these are our top 3, but another good blush/bronzer/highlighter however you choose to use it is Gold Deposit, Mineralize Skinfinish by M.A.C – this is mainly a highlighter but its a great add to keep if you want that extra shimmer underneath your blush, you could even use it on its own if you don’t want too much and just a light subtle glow to your cheeks.
Stay tuned for the top 3 lipsticks and eyeshadows in our next post! Happy Shopping 🙂