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The day I met King Louis.

In our first ever post published  by Divaly, Vasudha and I mentioned how we bonded over our first expensive purchase – a Louis Vuitton bag. Here’s my part of the story, to be followed by V.

I will never forget the day I got my first Louis Vuitton bag. It was a month before my 24th birthday. My mum and I were having a chat and she tells me very nonchalantly, “I would like to buy your birthday gift before you go on holiday, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. I will take you there directly”. This of course piqued my interest and left the curious cat in me very suspicious.

We go to Bur Juman centre, a mall here in Dubai and after dinner we walk towards the Louis Vuitton store and I stare at mum incredulously, with a what’s going on here look? I’m not even dressed right.

We walk into the store and she says, “I know you have always wanted one, even though I don’t see the fuss since everyone has one (MUMS I tell you!!) but Happy Birthday”.

I was so stunned and overwhelmed at the same time and could barely contain my excitement. I was a like a little girl let loose in a candy store. We started going through many of the bags and my first natural choice was to look at the Neverful, a classic bag. My mums response however was, “There’s no way I’m spending this much money on a bag that doesn’t have a zip!!!”.  I’m pretty sure some of you are nodding your head in agreement haha :).

After browsing through the catalogues, we finally settled on Totally – a medium sized tote, in the classic monogram design. This was perfect to suit my style, an off shoulder bag with pockets outside as well as in. Great for everyday use!

louis-vuitton-totally-pm-monogram-canvas-handbags--M56688_PM2_Front view                     download (1)

King Louis as it is proudly called is used rather sparingly because it’s so precious to me.

Thank you Mama for the bestest present ever. I love you 🙂


A flash of radiance…

Over the last few months, I noticed my skin was not looking as fresh as it normally does. A lot of the times we expose our skin to extreme climates, whether it’s the heat outside or sitting in the air conditioner for a long time. Sometimes stress and fatigue too can reflect on your face, making your skin look dull and tired.

While surfing the net I happened to come across the Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins. I remember receiving samples of this product but never ever tried the product. I always thought it was an anti-ageing product or something. So after reading the benefits, I thought why not give it a try, since it was supposed to be an instant radiance booster.  Let me tell you it’s a wonderful product. It instantly moisturises your face and tightens the skin giving a relaxed, clean and fresh look!

clarins-beauty-flash-balm Clarins Beauty Balm

The best use is its duality. It can be used as a moisturiser, primer or even as a face mask. It can be used with a moisturiser, under your make up, over your make up or just by itself. The beauty balm is perfect whatever your skin type, whether oily , combination, dry or normal. It is non – greasy and very light weight.

I love make up but I am pretty lazy to sometimes go all out haha, this is wonderful, just a bit of the cream, followed by my kohl and mascara and I’m good to go.

I used this yesterday, I also put a light foundation powder over it and a little bronzer. What do you girls think?


Coming Out of the Closet

It all started with our first expensive purchase, a Louis Vuitton bag. That’s when we both realized we were both closeted or not so closeted fashion followers. This blog is a product of a long time of discussing and wanting to do something in fashion and beauty and an outlet for us to come out of our overflowing closets.

The name ‘Divaly’ came about after a long list of nonsensical names and we just said hey why can’t we two self-proclaimed divas come up with anything good?!  So that’s how the name came about a conglomeration of the two divas, Vasudha and Alyssia ha ha!

Divaly is in one line – The colours of fashion lighting up our lives.

A bit more about each of us –

I, Vasudha am currently based in the UK with my husband. An analyst by profession, fashion to me is something that I begin and end my day with. I like keeping track of what’s in and what’s not, who is creating what. Ally says I have an opinion on anything fashion related under the sun and that I am in love with all things unique, glamourous and beautiful.


I, Alyssia am a customer relations and marketing exec by profession and a lot more casual in my fashion but love the occasional dress up. Being on the plus side, I believe that today there’s a lot more choice out there and you can be plus size and dress king size too. V feels I am more passionate about fashion for all than anyone she has met and know more about make up than she ever will. She knows my secret obsession is with all things one of a kind, elegant and accessible.


As a team, we were schoolmates in Dubai, UAE and the oddest thing is we barely knew one another! A chance meeting in Bombay a couple of years ago got us talking nineteen to the dozen and there hasn’t been a day we haven’t spoken to each other since.

The two of us wear and follow mostly western fashion but keep in touch with our Indian roots. We would like to talk about anything and everything fashion and beauty related under the sun from high street to high end. We hope you enjoy our journey with us.