Coming Out of the Closet

It all started with our first expensive purchase, a Louis Vuitton bag. That’s when we both realized we were both closeted or not so closeted fashion followers. This blog is a product of a long time of discussing and wanting to do something in fashion and beauty and an outlet for us to come out of our overflowing closets.

The name ‘Divaly’ came about after a long list of nonsensical names and we just said hey why can’t we two self-proclaimed divas come up with anything good?!  So that’s how the name came about a conglomeration of the two divas, Vasudha and Alyssia ha ha!

Divaly is in one line – The colours of fashion lighting up our lives.

A bit more about each of us –

I, Vasudha am currently based in the UK with my husband. An analyst by profession, fashion to me is something that I begin and end my day with. I like keeping track of what’s in and what’s not, who is creating what. Ally says I have an opinion on anything fashion related under the sun and that I am in love with all things unique, glamourous and beautiful.


I, Alyssia am a customer relations and marketing exec by profession and a lot more casual in my fashion but love the occasional dress up. Being on the plus side, I believe that today there’s a lot more choice out there and you can be plus size and dress king size too. V feels I am more passionate about fashion for all than anyone she has met and know more about make up than she ever will. She knows my secret obsession is with all things one of a kind, elegant and accessible.


As a team, we were schoolmates in Dubai, UAE and the oddest thing is we barely knew one another! A chance meeting in Bombay a couple of years ago got us talking nineteen to the dozen and there hasn’t been a day we haven’t spoken to each other since.

The two of us wear and follow mostly western fashion but keep in touch with our Indian roots. We would like to talk about anything and everything fashion and beauty related under the sun from high street to high end. We hope you enjoy our journey with us.

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